Episode 047 – Riddick Retrospective


With the release of Riddick, the latest film in the Chronicles of Riddick saga, mere days away, the AftC crew take a look back on the film series. From it’s humble beginnings in a cult hit, Pitch Black, to the epic sequel, Chronicles of Riddick, we take a trip down memory lane to examine the character of Riddick and the movies where he captured our attention. On with the show!

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Episode 025 – Die Farbe (The Colour Out of Space)

Die farbe


Hosts Matt, Derrick, and Jon discuss Die Farbe, a German film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s science fiction/horror short story, the Colour Out of Space.  We also delve into Lovecraft film adaptations in general, including the challenges they present, as well as our dreams for an At the Mountains of Madness film.  Finally, we conclude with some Deep One talk to tie us back to episode 1.

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Episode 007 – TOTAL RECALL



Director Len Wiseman is back with a remake of the 1990 classic science fiction film, TOTAL RECALL.  Co-hosts Chris, Matt and Jonathan review the remake starring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale and take a critical look at comparing it with the original that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone.  Did the remake grab our attention like a triple-breasted hooker? Or did we walk out like 1990 Quaid on Lori – “Consider this a divorce!”  Listen in to find out!

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