Episode 047 – Riddick Retrospective


With the release of Riddick, the latest film in the Chronicles of Riddick saga, mere days away, the AftC crew take a look back on the film series. From it’s humble beginnings in a cult hit, Pitch Black, to the epic sequel, Chronicles of Riddick, we take a trip down memory lane to examine the character of Riddick and the movies where he captured our attention. On with the show!

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Episode 027 – Deadbeats


On the run from the mob, a trio of 1920’s Chicago Jazz musicians take a job from an elderly reverend, playing for what they think is his wife’s funeral in the backwoods of Illinois. Unfortunately, the funeral is actually an elaborate cult ritual to raise the spirit of an evil sorcerer who swiftly begins raising the dead and terrorizing the innocent townsfolk. With monsters, moonshiners and mobsters on their trail, the friends must draw upon their various talents to stop this evil, save the townspeople and escape with their lives.

1920’s Jazz, Lovecraft, action-adventure, horror – and not to mention a good bit of humor. What’s not to like? Co-hosts Matt and Chris review DEADBEATS, a graphic novel by Chris Lackey, published by Self Made Hero (The Lovecraft Anthologies 1 & 2).

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Episode 025 – Die Farbe (The Colour Out of Space)

Die farbe


Hosts Matt, Derrick, and Jon discuss Die Farbe, a German film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s science fiction/horror short story, the Colour Out of Space.  We also delve into Lovecraft film adaptations in general, including the challenges they present, as well as our dreams for an At the Mountains of Madness film.  Finally, we conclude with some Deep One talk to tie us back to episode 1.

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Episode 024 – FATALE, Book 2: The Devil’s Business

fatale 2

Brubaker and Phillips are back with another stunning volume of their critically acclaimed series FATALE. Whether you collect this series issue by issue, or wait for the graphic novels, FATALE is one of the best books on shelf.

Masterfully planned (especially for a series that continues to grow each month – originally planned for 12 issues, FATALE will now be 20+) The Devil’s Business keeps the reader intrigued with flashes of Nicholas in the present storyline, but the bulk of the book is spent on a new cast of characters in late 1970’s Los Angeles. A failed actor collides with the Method Church and chaos ensues. Plus we learn more about Josephine, setting us up for what could be the best storyline yet. Not to be missed!

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Episode 013 – RESIDENT EVIL REtrospective (Part 1)

Hot on the heels of the release of RESIDENT EVIL 6, co-hosts Matt and Chris take a stroll down memory lane to rediscover the core Resident Evil games. Born in 1996, Resident Evil has become an iconic horror franchise, even coining its own genre, “Survival Horror.” Have the games held up over time? How do they compare to their modern brothers (4-6)? Tune in to find that out and more!

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Episode 011 – Found Footage Horror

This week’s episode features your hosts discussing found footage horror in the woods.  We primarily discuss the Paranormal Activity franchise and The Blair Witch Project.  Look for our Resident Evil retrospective to start next week as we prepare for the release of RESIDENT EVIL 6.

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Episode 001 – Welcome!

Episode 001 : Welcome! Plus Co-hosts Matt and Chris review THE COURTYARD and NEONOMICON by Alan Moore and DEEP SLEEPER by Phil Hester.

Find out what is in the name, Antidote for the Commonplace, as well as what we have in store for our listeners over the coming months.

Download and listen below!

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