Episode 046 – GenCon 2013 Recap


We are back from GenCon 2013 to recap the best four days in gaming. The hosts recap the con and all the cool games we played including deckbuilding games, boardgames, and card games. We also provide mini-reviews of Zombicide and X-Wing and discuss Matt’s Star Wars LCG North American Championship victory.

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Episode 023 – STAR WARS Living Card Game

Star Wars LCG Cards

We’re back with our first episode of 2013! STAR WARS has returned, front and center to the news. Rumors swirl around where Disney will take the iconic film franchise.  Fantasy Flight Games has released a multitude of new games and apps, from the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, to the X-Wing Miniatures Game, to Star Wars Dice. In Episode 023, we discuss our new favorite, the Star Wars Living Card Game (LCG). Check out our review and get your Star Wars fix while you anxiously await the next film!

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Episode 008 – BLOOD BOWL

And we’re back! After a brief hiatus due to Gen Con and a newborn baby, we return just in time for FOOTBALL.  That’s right, it’s almost September and the monsters of the NFL are set to collide head to head shoulder to head.  What better way to celebrate, than to discuss our favorite TRUE fantasy football games.  From Blood Bowl to Mutant League to Pigskin 621 AD, we cover them all!
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