Episode 026 – From Niche to Mainstream: The Future of Horror in Video Games

Co-hosts Matt and Chris take a deep dive back into one of the most popular topics on Antidote for the Commonplace: Horror in Video Games. They preview over twenty upcoming titles for the PC and console systems. From blockbusters such as Deadspace 3 and The Last of Us, to a selection from the explosion of indy games like Outlast, Among the Sleep, and Routine. Even a sneak-peek at a fascinating new game entitled, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Among other topics discussed: Capcom calls into question their decision to flood the marketplace, transformation of a series from niche to mainstream (i.e. Resident Evil and most recently, Dead Space) and current industry trends.

Psychological horror, first person/third person, weird tales, zombies, aliens, post-apocalyptic – we’ve got you covered.

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