Episode 050 – 50th Episode!



Well, we made it: Our 50th episode of Antidote for the Commonplace. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite films, comics, and games that were released over the past year but were not covered in a previous episode. Topics include Resident Evil, Looper, X-Wing, Columbus Comic Con, Bouchercon, Sinister, Max Payne 3, Bioshock Infinite, superhero films, and Resident Evil Revelations. Here’s to 50 more episodes!

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Episode 048 – Edgar Wright Retrospective


The World’s End is in theaters and it’s the perfect time to take a stroll down memory lane with our favorite Brits. Director Edgar Wright takes center stage as we discuss our favorite moments from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (the first two films in the “Cornetto Trilogy”) as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Come back next week for our take on The World’s End!

*Cornetto Trilogy poster artwork by Tom Berry.

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Episode 047 – Riddick Retrospective


With the release of Riddick, the latest film in the Chronicles of Riddick saga, mere days away, the AftC crew take a look back on the film series. From it’s humble beginnings in a cult hit, Pitch Black, to the epic sequel, Chronicles of Riddick, we take a trip down memory lane to examine the character of Riddick and the movies where he captured our attention. On with the show!

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Episode 046 – GenCon 2013 Recap


We are back from GenCon 2013 to recap the best four days in gaming. The hosts recap the con and all the cool games we played including deckbuilding games, boardgames, and card games. We also provide mini-reviews of Zombicide and X-Wing and discuss Matt’s Star Wars LCG North American Championship victory.

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Episode 042 – Del Toro Retrospective


Guillermo Del Toro is one of the most visionary and creative directors of our time. Since his latest film, Pacific Rim, charged into theaters this past weekend, we thought we’d take a look back at the films he’s worked on to date. From Mimic to Pan’s Labyrinth, to Hellboy and beyond, Del Toro has given us some of our favorite moments in film. Tune in for our Del Toro Restrospective and next week for our review of Pacific Rim.

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Episode 026 – From Niche to Mainstream: The Future of Horror in Video Games

Co-hosts Matt and Chris take a deep dive back into one of the most popular topics on Antidote for the Commonplace: Horror in Video Games. They preview over twenty upcoming titles for the PC and console systems. From blockbusters such as Deadspace 3 and The Last of Us, to a selection from the explosion of indy games like Outlast, Among the Sleep, and Routine. Even a sneak-peek at a fascinating new game entitled, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Among other topics discussed: Capcom calls into question their decision to flood the marketplace, transformation of a series from niche to mainstream (i.e. Resident Evil and most recently, Dead Space) and current industry trends.

Psychological horror, first person/third person, weird tales, zombies, aliens, post-apocalyptic – we’ve got you covered.

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Episode 021 – 12/21/12 The End of the World


The clock is winding down on humankind, and with a little over a week until the world floods burns explodes, we break into the 20’s with THE END OF THE WORLD episode. The full Antidote for the Commonplace crew returns to discuss our favorite end of days from film, books and television, and give our own comedic deadly serious predictions on how we are going bite the dust. Join us for our 21st last episode. See you on the other side!

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