Episode 043 – Pacific Rim


Co-hosts Matt and Jon discuss Guillermo Del Toro’s latest summer action epic, Pacific Rim. It’s all out action with giant mechs vs giant monsters, but how does the film hold up outside of the battles?  We take a critical eye to one of our favorite directors after discussing his work in our previous episode.

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Episode 041 – World War Z


ZOMBIES! They’re back, gushing into theaters like water from a fire hose. You just can’t put ’em down. Co-hosts Matt and Paul give their take on the summer blockbuster, and the past, present and future of the big Z.

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Star Trek is back and bigger than ever, taking on modern themes that touch close to home in society today. Tune in as we discuss the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster remake, the future of the Star Trek Universe and dive into the darker aspects of the film.

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Episode 033 – Game of Thrones Season 3 (part 2)


We’re back with more Game of Thrones! Season 3 continues to get better and better. The writers have continued to do an amazing job of squeezing over 1000 pages of story into hour long episodes. Tune in for our continued discussion of the smash hit series!

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Episode 031 – SUMMER WARS


This week on AftC we take on the sci-fi adventure comedy, SUMMER WARS, about Kenji, a student who tries to fix a problem he accidentally caused in OZ, an all encompassing digital world/social network, while pretending to be the fiancé of his friend, Natsuki, at her grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration.

The award winning 2009 film has an interesting take on what could be a very near-future problem – what if social networking (and in this case, one gigantic social network) becomes so intertwined with our offline lives that issues online (virus, hacking, etc.) are magnified in the real world, to the point of total chaos?

Tune in for our review of this unique (and very Japanese) take on society in the near-future digital age!

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Episode 027 – Deadbeats


On the run from the mob, a trio of 1920’s Chicago Jazz musicians take a job from an elderly reverend, playing for what they think is his wife’s funeral in the backwoods of Illinois. Unfortunately, the funeral is actually an elaborate cult ritual to raise the spirit of an evil sorcerer who swiftly begins raising the dead and terrorizing the innocent townsfolk. With monsters, moonshiners and mobsters on their trail, the friends must draw upon their various talents to stop this evil, save the townspeople and escape with their lives.

1920’s Jazz, Lovecraft, action-adventure, horror – and not to mention a good bit of humor. What’s not to like? Co-hosts Matt and Chris review DEADBEATS, a graphic novel by Chris Lackey, published by Self Made Hero (The Lovecraft Anthologies 1 & 2).

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Episode 023 – STAR WARS Living Card Game

Star Wars LCG Cards

We’re back with our first episode of 2013! STAR WARS has returned, front and center to the news. Rumors swirl around where Disney will take the iconic film franchise.  Fantasy Flight Games has released a multitude of new games and apps, from the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, to the X-Wing Miniatures Game, to Star Wars Dice. In Episode 023, we discuss our new favorite, the Star Wars Living Card Game (LCG). Check out our review and get your Star Wars fix while you anxiously await the next film!

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